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1. Communication Skills & Difficult Converstions/Behavioral Health Integration

  • Review Trauma-Informed care
    Discuss integration strategies for behavioral health and chronic pain management
    Demonstrate responses to Choosing Wisely’s 5 Questions

2. Nonopioid & Nonpharm Treatments for Acute & Chronic Pain

  • Evidence-based review of alternative treatments for acute & chronic pain
    Discuss comprehensive acute pain management plans & reduce surgical overprescribing

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essentials and Standards of the Maine Medical Association Committee on Continuing Medical Education and Accreditation through the partnership of Maine Medical Education Trust and the Maine Independent Clinical Information Service (MICIS). The Maine Medical Education Trust is accredited by the Maine Medical Association to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities for physicians.

Direct download: 12-13-17_MICIS_Improving_Opioid_Prescribing_and_Patient_Safety_Part_3_audio.m4a
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Alice Horowitz: UUsing Health Literacy to Improve Children’s Oral Health

1. Provide background on oral health literacy and why health literacy is an important topic for engaging patients.
2. Discuss what a health literacy environmental scan is and how it fits into a health literate organization.
3. Highlight approaches to evaluating practices and health systems for being health literate/user friendly.
4. Discuss how we can use health literacy strategies to implement USPSTF recommendations around fluoride and engage families in this critical part of their health care.
5. Show examples of how to connect with pregnant moms and infants around oral health

Direct download: 12-12-17_Health_Literacy_by_Dr._Alice_Horowitz_audio.m4a
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1. Practice Transformation & QI for Opioids/Chronic Pain

-Review best practices in practice transformation for opioid prescribing
-Focus on team-based care including developing “CSI” (controlled substance initiative) teams

2. Harm reduction: diagnosis & treatment of opioid use disorder including MAT, naloxone prescribing, and risks of co-prescribing benzodiazepines

-Appropriately diagnose opioid use disorder
-Understand requirements and benefits of buprenorphine and naltrexone prescribing
-Anticipate prescribing naloxone for all patients and families at risk

Presented by the Maine Independent Clinical Information Service (MICIS). In 2017
MICIS has 6 clinical modules on Improving Opioid Prescribing and Patient Safety, with two modules covered in each webinar in this 3-webinar series. These modules are standalone topics and attendees can register for any or all of these webinars.

Direct download: 12-05-17_Improving_Opioid_Prescribing_and_Patient_Safety_2_audio.m4a
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Dr. James Wiley and Dr. Jan Powell talk about the lessons learned in the previous National AAP ADHD Pilot and how we can apply these lessons to the CALM Project here in Maine. We will also learn more about ADHD medication management.

1. Develop a deeper understanding of medication management for children with ADHD. (Dr. Wiley)
2. Highlight lessons learned from previous AAP ADHD project and coaching strategies (Jen Powell)

Direct download: How_We_Can_Apply_Lessons_Learned_to_the_CALM_Project-Wiley_Powell-Audio.m4a
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1. The Genesis of the Opioid Crisis: "How We Got Here."

  • Trace the origin of the opioid crisis in America
  • Review CDC opioid prescribing guidelines


2. Opioid Basics: MMEs & Tapering

  • Calculate morphine milligram equivalents & evidence behind limits
  • Discuss reduction strategies

Elisabeth Fowlie Mock, MD, MPH, FAAFP

From Holden, Maine, Elisabeth received her doctorate from Vanderbilt Medical School and a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. She attended Colby College and Emory University. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and works part-time as a Hospitalist at EMMC. She is active in leadership of the Maine Academy of Family Physician

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This webinar addressed how Vermont is building treatment capacity for substance use disorder including how the Hub and Spoke Model was built in Vermont including identifying priorities, policy and payment issues.

It provided an overview on key lessons learned in Vermont that can be spread to other states looking to increase access to Medication Assisted Treatment

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Direct download: C4ME_0926_Liz_Blackwell_Moore.m4a
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  1. Elevate the health of children by measurably improving the screening, diagnosis, and treatment for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  2. To achieve improved care for children with ADHD, this learning collaborative
  3. Improving proper ADHD diagnosis and management so that patients are assessed for ADHD using a validated instrument across multiple major settings; parents of patients diagnosed with ADHD are given an educational ADHD booklet; and patients diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed behavior therapy.
Direct download: CALM_ADHD_Kickoff-091417_Audio.m4a
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Direct download: Audio_Spend_Your_Health_Care_Dollars_Wisely_Webinar_9-5-2017.m4a
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  1. Describe the burden of HPV disease.
  2. Define the importance of HPV vaccination for cancer prevention.
  3. Explain the rationale for vaccinating youth at ages 11 or 12.
  4. List the updated recommendations for administering the HPV vaccine to girls and to boys.
  5. Provide useful and compelling information about HPV vaccine to parents to aid in making the decision to vaccinate.
  6. Locate resources relevant to current immunization practice.
Direct download: HPV_Jessica_Reed_082217_audio.m4a
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The cost of ED utilization and the link to unnecessary ED utilization has often been addressed by trying to decrease the use of unnecessary ED visits. However, research has shown that attempts to lower ED utilization costs simply by diverting low acuity visits away from the ED may be misguided; that a focus on guiding a patient’s treatment course using risk stratification and best practice versus “risk reduction treatment” may be much more impactful.  Working to employ strategies to reduce utilization by high ED utilizers utilizing Complex Care Plans and Care Coordination also has the potential to create win-wins both in terms of reducing costs and improving patient care. This webinar will discuss these aspects of ED utilization and discuss the various ways to have the greatest impact on ED associated costs, while briefly touching on the positive effects treating patients in this way can have on provider and patient satisfaction.

Direct download: Audio_Impact_of_High_ED_Utilization-A_View_from_the_Trenches.m4a
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Listen as Dr. Silk explains:

  1. What factors contribute to practice improvement in pediatric primary care oral health integration.
  2. Implement examples from Qualis Health and other states in terms of oral health care in the pediatric setting.
  3. Motivate and engage other team players for full buy-in of oral health integration for children in the medical setting.
Direct download: Hugh_Silk_080817_Good_Better_Best_Child_Oral_Health_audio.m4a
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On January 1, 2017, Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Services(CoCM) were implemented by Medicare to support providers in the integration of behavioral health care with primary care. Join this webinar, hosted by Mary Jean Mork, LCSW, VP of Integrated Programming at Maine Behavioral Healthcare and MaineHealth, to explore the details of CoCM services and how this model of can enhance your practice of primary care by partnering with behavioral health services. 

Gordon Smith and Stephanie Nichols

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Direct download: UNE_Ch_488_Patient_Care.m4a
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January 2017 Maine Opioid Law Chapter 488 Gordon Smith and Mac McCall

Direct download: UNE-_Ch_488_Implementation_Podcast.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 7:59am EDT

Gordon Smith and Stephanie Nichols present Updates on Chapter 488 and Related Rules

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MQC Lunch & Learn: Maine Lung Cancer Coalition - Working Together to Reduce Lung Cancer in Maine

Featured presenters include: 

Paul Han, MD
Neil Korsen, MD
Kathleen Fairfield, MD
Natalie Morse
Jessica Reed, MSN, APRN
Leo Waterston, MA

Direct download: 6-13-17_MQC_LL_Maine_Lung_Cancer_Coalition.m4a
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Adrienne Carmack talks on the topic of “Fostering Care in ME: Improving the Health Care of Children in Foster Care in Maine, " Thursday, June 8, 2017, from  12-1 pm via zoom online webinar.


  1. Updates on the state of foster care in the US and in Maine
  2. Become familiar with the medical and mental health needs of children in foster care and how medical providers can help improve the health of children in foster care.
  3. Become familiar with the systems and processes for caring for children in foster in Maine, through the Maine AAP and other stakeholders
Direct download: Adrienne_Carmack_Fostering_Care_in_ME_060817.m4a
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Do you ever suspect that your older, cognitively impaired patients may be experiencing abuse or exploitation? With an estimated 33,000 cases of elder abuse reported in Maine in 2015, your suspicions are well-founded. But how can a busy clinician act quickly to help?

In this special QC Geriatrics Series webinar, we’ll explore how to identify red flags that might signal abuse or exploitation, learn how to engage your care team in identifying and responding to cases, and identify readily available sources of referral so that you, too, can join the fight against elder abuse.

With Judith Metcalf and Judith Shaw

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How Can We Actively Address the Opioid Epidemic in Maine: Starting with Prevention and Substance Abuse Screening in Adolescents?

Direct download: COC_Audio.m4a
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How Can We Better Identify and Manage High Risk Youth?

Youth Suicide Risk in Primary Care Settings

Direct download: 04-13-17_Greg_Marley_Audio.m4a
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The pharmacists responsible for VA Maine’s successful Opioid Safety Initiative will provide an overview of this education and training program that was instituted system-wide in 2015.  They will discuss the challenges and achievements during the implementation of this program as well as outcomes and strategies for maintaining an effective program.  They will provide practical tools that can help guide the implementation of safe opioid prescribing programs in practices and health systems.

Direct download: 04-11-17_VA_Maine_Opioid_Safety_Audio.m4a
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Dr. Amarendran addresses the issue of benzodiazepine prescribing, including the risks associated with concurrent use with opioids. In 2014 Maine, one in three overdose deaths included benzodiazepines. He discusses why it is important to avoid starting benzodiazepines and highlight how to safely taper patients from benzodiazepines.

Direct download: 031417_Audio_Caring_for_ME_Webinar.m4a
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"Where are we going next for screening? Developmental Screening,  Social Emotional Screening, and Trauma Screening Pilots happening in the State," presented by Sue Mackey Andrews, Maine Resilience Building Network, Steve DiGiovanni, MD, and Rebecca Hoffman-Frances, LMFT, Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Direct download: Audio_030917_Child_Health_Andrews_Digiovanni_Hoffman_Frances.m4a
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A Primer: The Wisdom of the Ages. Healthcare costs are rising and our population is aging.  Using the same outdated care delivery patterns to address an escalating need for patient centered care and the promotion of health is failing, futile and foolish. Evidence based care must be delivered in old and expanded ways. This delivery must be valued, accessible and reimbursable.

This session begins an exploration of the opportunities and barriers to integrating Mind Body Medicine into coordinated primary care, with a focus on the older adult. We look at care delivery and patient engagement that is intrinsic and empowering rather than extrinsic and limiting.  And as such, can serve as a means to develop resiliency for the patient, caregiver, provider, team and community.

Presenter: Rhonda Selvin, APRN, C-NP, QTTP
Medical Director, Maine Quality Counts
Immediate Past President, MNPA
Practicing Primary Care Provider
Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
Advocate for Evolved Geriatric Care

Direct download: LL_3-7-17_audio.m4a
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In Lincoln, Maine, a powerful partnership has been forged to help overcome the opioid overdose epidemic. Health Access Network (HAN), the local Federally Qualified Health Center, and Penobscot Valley Hospital (PVH), the local independent hospital, are working together to align their prescribing, offer Medication Assisted Treatment and treat chronic pain.

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This webinar provides a brief overview of the work happening at both the system level at MaineGeneral and at the practice level at the Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency (MDFMR) to provide Medication Assisted Treatment to patients.  Alane will discuss how they are providing compassionate care to patients with opioid use disorder and her experience tapering patients on buprenorphine.

Direct download: Feb_14_Compassionate_BUP_Taper_Audio.m4a
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Listen as Andrea Green talks about health literacy principles.

Are we using the right words?  How we can use Health Literacy Principles to Engage Patients and Families.

Direct download: QC_020917_Andrea_Green_Engaging_Families-Libsyn.m4a
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Caring for ME pharmacy Webinar, Noah Nesin and Stephanie Nichols.

Direct download: Caring_for_ME_-_Ch._488_and_Patient_Care.m4a
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With new staff and new software, Maine’s Prescription Monitoring Program is undergoing major changes as the new opioid prescribing law, Chapter 488, makes its use mandatory for prescribers of opioids and benzodiazepines. Join us to learn what’s changed and what to expect when using the PMP.

In this webinar, coordinator Evelyn Sharkey, MPH, MSW, will give a tour of the new online user interface with special attention paid to:

• Registration and delegates
• The new Requester Dashboard
• Requesting patient info through Rx Search
• Bulk patient search
• Tracking prescriber’s activity with MyRx
• Patient alerts
• Finding and managing user profile


  • Chris Pezzullo, DO
  • Evelyn Sharkey, MPH, MSW 
  • Elisabeth Fowlie Mock, MD 
Direct download: GettingToKnowPMPAudio.m4a
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Recording of a webinar on how providers talk to parents surrounding HPV immunization guidelines with speakers Anny Fenton and Jonathan Fanburg.

Direct download: 01-12-17_QCKids_How_to_Talk_to_Parents_About_HPV_Immunizations.m4a
Category:Health Care -- posted at: 8:52am EDT

Maine's new opioid prescribing law, Chapter 488, stipulates that opioid prescriptions be limited to 100 morphine milligram equivalents per patient per day, that prescribers take an opioid prescribing course, and that the Prescription Monitoring Program be consulted before any opioid or benzodiazepine prescription is written. This webinar reviews updates on the implementation timeline, as well as an exploration of the rule-making and exception process. Also included will be an overview of the law and associated rules on Maine’s pharmacy community.


Gordon H. Smith, Esq.

Kenneth ‘Mac’ McCall, BSPharm, PharmD, BCGP

Maine's new opioid prescribing law requires providers to limit the daily opioid dosages of chronic pain patients.  But how can providers meet this legal requirement while also limiting their patients' distress? 

This webinar recording offers answers by exploring case study examples of common tapering scenarios and challenges and sharing techniques for effectively and compassionately tapering opioid dosages.


Noah Nesin, MD

Eva Quirion, NP

Direct download: 1.10.17_webinar_audio_edited.mp3
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Marijuana is undergoing a renaissance. It’s becoming more socially acceptable. Legal barriers to its use are being dismantled. And among some clinicians, its medicinal use is seen as a legitimate alternative to opioids and other therapies. But what do we really know about the health benefits or risks of cannabinoids, marijuana’s active ingredients?

In this QC Lunch & Learn Webinar recording, UNE pharmacology professor Christian Teter, Pharm.D., BCPP, explores the impact of cannabinoids on the developing brain and discovers that, as currently being used recreationally and medicinally, the harm they can do may outweigh the benefits. Join us to learn what we currently understand about cannabinoids – and what we don’t.

And for a legal perspective on marijuana use, sale and prescribing, the Maine Medical Association’s Gordon Smith will follow Christian’s presentation with a brief overview of current, and soon-to-be-implemented, Maine marijuana laws.

Direct download: 01.03.17_webinar_audio.m4a
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